Cleveland Whiskey Curbside
Saturday June 17th, 2023
11 am- 2 pm

Just In Time For Father’s Day!

A Single Barrel Double Oak Wheat Penny 1958 Full Proof. Each bottle is signed by Tom Lix the Founder and CEO of Cleveland Whiskey.

If you are looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for the bourbon lover in your life or just a nice treat for yourself look no further.

Introducing a truly exceptional whiskey, a limited edition single barrel release of wheated bourbon that has undergone a remarkable journey of flavor. Crafted with precision, this bourbon was initially put in a traditional oak barrel, that is what allows it to be called Bourbon. But that is just the beginning of the journey.

Then this extraordinary spirit was finished with black cherry and toasted oak wood. This careful process imparted a delightful complexity and depth to the whiskey, accentuating its inherent sweetness with hints of dark fruit and a subtle smoky undertone.

To further enhance its flavor profile, the bourbon was then reintroduced to the oak barrel, allowing it to rest again for an additional year. This final step completed the harmonious marriage of flavors, resulting in a one-of-a-kind whiskey that showcases the perfect balance between the sweet allure of black cherry wood, the warmth of toasted oak, and the timeless charm of a non-chill filtered bourbon offered at Full Proof.

Embrace this unique release, savor the extraordinary craftsmanship captured within each signed bottle.

How to Participate

You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase whiskey
Limit 4 bottles of whiskey per person 21+ in attendance at pick up (so fill up the car!)
We are not able to ship products to consumers, so these orders are local pickup only.

  1. Choose the products you would like to purchase.
  2. Follow the prompts to secure and pay for your product.
  3. You will get an email confirmation.
  4. Print the confirmation email. We can accept confirmations on your phone, but we suggest you save the confirmation email as an image so you can be sure it is available, even if cell service isn’t.
  5. Bring your ID and your confirmation email to Cleveland Whiskey Distillery on Saturday June 17th 2023, between the hours of 11am-2pm. The address is 1768 East 25th Street.
  6. When you arrive, distillery workers will be on the street to meet you.
  7. Show your ID and email to a Cleveland Whiskey team member.
  8. We will get your order and bring it to your car!

It is that easy!

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